CoolerMaster 27" FHD 165Hz 0.5ms IPS Monitor




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CoolerMaster 27" FHD monitor equipped with an UltraSpeed IPS 165Hz refresh rate panel, complete with Dynamic Overdrive and Adaptive Sync. Combine that with 120% sRGB/90% DCI-P3 color coverage, and you've got a monitor that'll deliver the performance you need no matter what you are doing.


גודל מסך

27" - 30" 

צורות מסך

מסך שטוח 


Full HD 

יישום מסך


גודל צג


קצב רענון מסך


סוג פאנל


תצורת מסך


בהירות מסך

250 cd/m2 

יחס ניגודיות סטטי


זמן תגובה ,ms

0.5 ms 

רמקולים מובנים

ללא רמקולים מובנים 

חיבורי מסך

\ DisplayPort 

תכונות מסך

Adaptive Sync 
\ HDR 
\ Dynamic Contrast Ratio 
\ G-Sync Range 
\ FreeSync 
\ Anti-flicker 
\ Eye Protection 

פעולות מכניות


תקן VESA, מ"מ





Ready for Any Situation

The 27" Full HD 165Hz display combined with 90% DCI-P3 wide color gamut makes the GM27-FFS an incredibly versatile monitor. With features essential for both gaming and productivity, you can have the freedom to play your games without a hitch during the night or focus on your work during the day time.

Ultraspeed IPS with Dynamic Overdrive

Equipped with the latest Ultra-Speed IPS panel, GM27-FFS is up to 4x faster than traditional IPS panels. The pixels transition faster to other colors and scenes, leading to an exceptionally smooth picture with significantly less motion blur or smearing.
Dynamic Overdrive is also specifically tuned for the GM27-FFS, automatically selecting the most optimal overdrive settings based on the refresh rate for an even smoother experience.

Smooth Operator

Adaptive Sync delivers smoother gameplay that accurately reproduces a level of realism to everything you play. By synchronizing the output frames from your GPU to the refresh rate of the monitor, you can experience tear-free gameplay that is more fluid than ever.

Incredible Color Detail

Covering 90% of the DCI-P3 color spectrum and 120% sRGB, the GM27-FFS is able to accurately reproduce the colors the way the creators intended for you to see it in your games and entertainment.

Details Plenty

1920 x 1080 is the most widely used resolution format in the world offering 81.6 pixels per inch for a 27-inch monitor. Full HD resolution is easier to drive in games, and offers a great balance between visual fidelity and performance for the price.

Make it Your Game

Customize up to 5 different color profiles for different use cases. In FPS games, you may want to increase the Black Level Stabilization to better see enemies in the dark, whereas in a RPG game or a movie, you’d prefer to have the blacks stay darker for more immersion. The choice is yours and you can tailor 5 different profile settings to whatever situation you may encounter.

Easy on the Eyes

Protect your eyes from potentially harmful blue light with our Low Blue Light Mode. Our monitors are also Flicker Free, further reducing any eye strain and allowing you to get more work or gaming done.

Clean and Minimalistic

A simple, clean design is what the GM27-FFS represents. No fancy branding or large logos placed anywhere so that you can use this monitor as part of a professional setup, or easily blend into your gaming setup.