be quiet! Pure Loop 2 FX 280mm




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Pure Loop 2 FX offers impressive illumination and very high cooling performance. Up to 3 Light Wings PWM high-speed fans with numerous effects make for a high airflow and air pressure. Thanks to the PWM function, the doubly decoupled pump can be equally adjusted for silent and performant operations. Further features like the easy-to-access refill port and the ARGB-PWM-Hub round up Pure Loop 2 FX and make it the perfect choice for illuminated systems.


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Reliable cooling power for sophisticated applications

With Pure Loop 2 FX 280mm even the most demanding applications can be used reliably. An immense cooling power provides low temperatures even during periods of peak CPU performance. Pure Loop 2 FX 280mm is the water cooling solution of choice for all consumer CPUs.

Fan blades optimized for high pressure

With a remarkably high air pressure of up to 2.3mm/H2O, Light Wings 140mm PWM high-speed is the best choice for Pure Loop 2 FX 280mm. The 9 airflow-optimized fan blades provide enough air pressure to make this fan perfect, even in demanding configurations.

Lots of illumination possibilities

2 Light Wings PWM high-speed offer ARGB lighting at the front and rear. 20 ARGB LEDs give you many opportunities to individualize your PC build. This and the illuminated cooling block make Pure Loop 2 FX 280mm a highlight in any system.

Adjustable and silent operation

The doubly decoupled PWM-pump runs smoothly and silent. Due to the PWM control the pump speed can be adjusted for silent as well as powerful operations. Thanks to the effective damping the pump causes even less noise and minimal vibration. This is the key to provide the well-known silent be quiet! operation.

Synchronization of up to 6 ARGB-components

The ARGB-PWM-Hub enables synchronization of up to 6 PWM fans and 6 ARGB components. This allows the user to run all your cooling and lighting gear with just one PWM and one ARGB header on your motherboard. It can be positioned everywhere inside the case and by that supports a neat interior and cable management.

For a long lifespan

The refill port is easy to access which makes refilling safe and comfortable. The coolant bottle included in scope of delivery makes it easy to achieve a long lifespan.