מסך מחשב LG 27" IPS FHD 75Hz 5ms




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The 27BN650Y brings elegant ergonomics to your workspace. This business monitor from LG Electronics displays your content in razor-sharp, full HD resolution on the IPS display. The monitor also complies with the latest ergonomic standards, making it ideal for longer periods of use. Combined with optimised image modes, the brilliant and consistent colour reproduction of this monitor makes it perfect for accurate and sustained working. The 27BN650Y's wide range of connections also makes it a flexible all-rounder that fits seamlessly into any working environment.
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659 ₪ 889


גודל מסך

27" - 30" 

צורות מסך

מסך שטוח 


Full HD 

יישום מסך


גודל צג


קצב רענון מסך


סוג פאנל


תצורת מסך


בהירות מסך

250 cd/m2 

יחס ניגודיות סטטי


זמן תגובה ,ms

5 ms 

רמקולים מובנים

רמקולים מובנים 

חיבורי מסך

\ DisplayPort 
\ USB 
\ Headphone 

תכונות מסך

USB Hub 
\ Borderless 

פעולות מכניות

\ Swivel 
\ Height Adjustment 
\ Pivot 

תקן VESA, מ"מ





Width with feet 612 Depth with stand 240 mm Height with base 526 mm 


Viewing angle stable and colourful

Thanks to the viewing angle-stable IPS panel, you can admire your files from a wide range of angles - without having to buy a loss of quality! In addition, the LG 27BN650Y is colour calibrated to give you excellent colour reproduction. Enjoy optimal picture quality from almost any angle

Eye-protecting comfort

The LG 27BN650Y has various features to protect the eyes. Especially during labor-intensive hours in front of the screen, your eyes will not fatigue: Thanks to Flicker Safe and intelligent reading mode, the monitor adjusts its colour temperature to that of paper and reduces the typical screen flicker.

There are no limits

Enjoy your content on a large screen area in an elegant design. The almost borderless screen not only looks modern, but also offers you new possibilities for screen extension. Increase your productivity and efficiency by taking new perspectives and taking full advantage of the features of the monitor.

The right connection

The multiple connection options of the LG 27BN650Y ensure high connectivity in your workplace. Benefit from DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort, as well as fast USB 3.0 and PC audio. Connect your hardware in no time at all and enjoy a smooth display

Rich stereo sound

Enjoy true stereo sound! Thanks to the integrated stereo speakers of this monitor, you can avoid cluttering cables in your workplace. Instead, use the extra space on your desk for additional accessories and an even more individual workspace.

Ergonomic design

Optimise the monitor settings according to your wishes and adjust the height, tilt and orientation of the screen to your individual needs. In this way, you will experience extra comfort even during long hours in front of the screen and can concentrate fully on your work.