CoolerMaster 2000W M2000 Platinum




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2000W Maximum Load. 80 PLUS Platinum Certified. 135mm silent Fan. Full-Modular Cabling.


קבוצת הספק

1200W - 2000W 



תצורת ספק



80+ Platinum 


Active PFC 

כמות מסילות 12 וולט

זרם מקסימלי על מסילות 12 וולט


חיבורי SATA


Molex 4 pin

PCI-E Connectors 8 pin


EPS 12V 8 pin


Retail - קופסה 


Massive Wattage

Simply put, this is the largest retail PSU Cooler Master has ever released. 2000 watts of highly efficient power. It would be a lie to say that most systems need such a massive amount of wattage from their power supply unit. This isn't for your run of the mill gaming build. Your single graphics card mid-tower case won't ever have enough RGB to need a unit like this. But for some systems, the more power you have access to the better. That's why the M2000 Platinum exists. Cooler Master creates products for every need for every type of user.

Highly Efficient

This unit is certified to achieve more than 94% efficiency at typical loads.

Clean Cabling

One of the most important factors in system cooling and temperature management is airflow. With a PSU packing this much power, great airflow is a must. One of the greatest contributors to reduced airflow around your PSU is cluttered cables. Full-modular cabling may not solve all your airflow problems but it definitely helps. Cable customization allows you to reduce clutter by only requiring the cables needed to run your specific system. The M2000 Platinum provides full-modular cabling in order to reduce clutter and increase the system's airflow as much as possible.

Big Power Requires Big Cooling

When you get up to such a high level of wattage and efficiency, cooling is not up for debate. Noise is no longer the most important factor, because you're not buying a unit like this for content creation anyway. Keeping that temperature as low as possible is all that matters. The M2000 Platinum has a maximum safe operating temperature of 50℃. This temperature is adhered to at all times by the inclusion of a constantly spinning 135mm long life fan. With a constant speed, this fan will keep your PSU cool for years to come with one of the most reliability and long lasting fan bearings available on the market today.