be quiet! PSU 750W DARK POWER 12




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80 PLUS Titanium efficiency (up to 95.9%). Patented frameless Silent Wings fan for virtually inaudible operation. Revolutionary full-mesh PSU front with redesigned funnel shape air inlet upholds the high air circulation abilities. Overclocking key switches between four 12V rails and one massive 12V rail. Modular cable management for maximum convenience. Active Rectifier + full bridge LLC technology provides unmatched signal stability and extremely high power efficiency. 6 PCI express connectors for overclocked high-end GPUs.


קבוצת הספק

650W - 1100W 



תצורת ספק



80+ Titanium 


Active PFC 

כמות מסילות 12 וולט

\ Multiple 

זרם מקסימלי על מסילות 12 וולט

62 A 

חיבורי SATA


Molex 4 pin

PCI-E Connectors 8 pin

EPS 12V 8 pin


Retail - קופסה 


The highest efficiency certificate available

Dark Power 12 750W is certified with 80 PLUS Titanium and an energy efficiency rating of up to 95.9%. This provides lots of benefits for your high-end system, including less power consumption and an overall cooler and quieter operation. The standby drain is below 0.1 watts.

Patented fan technology for virtually inaudible operation

The be quiet! Silent Wings fan mounted on a tripod enables maximum airflow and a virtually inaudible operation. This is thanks to its unique, airflow-optimized fan blade design along with an advanced fluid-dynamic bearing and 6-pole fan motor for less vibration, super-long life and minimal power consumption.

For a longer lifespan

The split fan inlet of the Dark Power 12 750W is a custom-shaped funnel that increases airflow while reducing unwanted turbulence. The wire-free design inside allows the cool air to reach all components flawlessly which ultimately leads to a longer lifespan.

Pushing the performance of your PSU to the max

Dark Power 12 750W is particularly suitable for overclocking, thanks to its strong and stable 12V rails. The overclocking key gives you full overclocking control by manually switching between the default four 12V rail mode and the alternative massive single-rail operation.

Modular cables

The maximum utility provided by modular sleeved cables of up to 120cm simplifies component installation and reduces annoying clutter. This results in increased airflow and improved cooling in even the largest PC cases.

State-of-the-art technology for extremely high power efficiency

With an active rectifier and full bridge LLC technology Dark Power 12 750W  offers some of the most advanced technologies available, resulting in higher efficiency, better regulation and lower ripple noise for an incomparably stable operation.

A testament to high quality

Only the best components are used in Dark Power 12 750W. That is why we have exclusively built high-quality Japanese capacitors into the PSU chassis. They are rated to 105°C which ensures stability, reliability and a long operating life.