Thecus 10Gb Expansion card with 1X CX4 port & 1X SFP+ port




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As digital files grow larger in size, the amount of data being transferred over networks is ever increasing. Today, Thecus® Technology is pleased to announce the C10GT 10Gb Ethernet PCI-e Adapter. 


מהירות מבואות

10 Gbit 

מספר יציאות

סוג חיבור - ממשק

PCI-E x8 


Featuring lightning-fast transfer speeds, dual cable connectivity, and simple installation and setup, the C10GT is a high-speed 10Gb ready network card designed to help users affordably take full advantage of the new upcoming 10Gb Ethernet s


  • Enable 10Gb Ethernet Connectivity
    Featuring a Tehuti TN4010 processor, the C10GT grants your system compatibility with next-generation 10Gb Ethernet networks. This increased bandwidth yields astonishing file transfer performance and opens up high-bandwidth access to both server and storage applications.
  • High Compatibility
    The C10GT is fully compliant with a wide range of protocols, including IEEE 802.3az, IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation, and IEEE 802.1q VLAN standards.
  • Upgrade Your Thecus® NAS
    The C10GT adaptor supports both full-height or low profile brackets and can be installed in either PCI Express x4 or x8 slots which ensures high compatibility with a wide range of systems.