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ViewSonic 27" IPS WQHD HDMI DP Gaming Monitor
אחריות: שלוש שנים
יצרן: ViewSonic
קישור לאתר יצרן
קבוצת גודל מסך 27"
גודל מסך 27"
סוג פאנל IPS
חיבורי מסך HDMI, Display Port, Mini DisplayPort, USB
רזולוציה 2560x1440
תצורת מסך 16:9
זמן תגובה MS 14ms
בהירות מסך 350 cd/m2
יחס ניגודיות 1:1000
Pivot כן
Tilt כן
Height Adjustment 130mm
תקן תליה כן


  • Seamless Viewing Experience
  • WQHD Resolution
  • Loaded with Connectivity
  • Ultimate Color Accuracy
  • Professional Color Processing Capability


Engineered to deliver unmatched color accuracy crucial for professional applications, the ViewSonic® VP2768 WQHD monitor displays your work with the vivid and lifelike color it deserves. With a SuperClear® IPS panel and a sleek frameless design, the VP2768 provides a near-seamless viewing experience ideal for multi-monitor setups. For simple, single-cable daisy chaining of multiple monitors, the VP2768 is equipped with future-proof DisplayPort technology, in addition to HDMI. To ensure precise, uniform color, each of our monitors is factory calibrated to deliver an amazing Delta E≤2 value for superior color accuracy. An integrated color uniformity function ensures consistent chromaticity across the screen, while a 14-bit 3D look-up table generates a stunningly smooth palette of 4.39 trillion colors. Add to that 6-axis color adjustment functionality, and this monitor provides the ultimate color processing capability for professional applications. What’s more, an advanced ergonomic design delivers customized comfort for increased productivity. Hardware calibration is also available with the optional ViewSonic Colorbration Kit, which allows you to quickly and easily calibrate the monitor for photography, graphic design, content creation, and other color-critical applications.