Integration and OEM

Servers & Workstations

CD-LOG offers advanced Server solutions spread through the SOHO, SMB and Enterprise market segments. Our customized server line includes solution for growing virtualization and cloud computing solutions. We build Servers and Workstations with an option to add various supplement products to enable our solution to be cutting edge.

Our special features include:
1. Database oriented servers using Enterprise SSD with an option for heavy write load.
2. Virtualization architecture using High availability system with redundancy with a central storage system backed up in a remote site.
3. Heavy load storage systems with expandability of up to 100 hard drives per CPU and controller through daisy chain with expanders.
4. Space saving computing for servers installed in a server farm or big Data-Centers.
This solution starts with dual server in 1U, 4 systems in 4U and 12 systems in 3U.
5. Multiple options for Tower server build by customer demand to meet computing demand, heat and low noise requirements, high capacity and many other features.
6. Workstations for CAD systems, 3D Graphics, rendering, parallel computing, Grid computing, simulations, mathematical floating point applications and more.