Import and Distribution

Divolight Led Lightting Products

CD-Log is an official distributor of a prestigious brand in the fileld of LED lighting – DIVOLIGHT. Divolight company started its activity in Israel in 2010 in the sphere of production, import and marketing of lighting products, based on LED technology. Divolight is the company that belongs to the international group of companies which operate under the brand DIVOLIGHT.
The main specializations of the company are:
- Characterization, planning and designing of projects for architectural and decorative lighting.
- Production, import and marketing of LED lighting products in the following categories:
Street lighting
Industrial and commercial lighting
Interior lighting – for private homes, apartments and offices
Architectural lighting: designing buildings, bridges, yards and landscapes.
Decorative lighting
LED trees
The company's activity is accompanied by an engineer, a specialist in LED technology, that gives the company a substantial advantage in supplying products of the highest quality and characterization of the best projects which meet the needs of a customer.
Owing to the fact that the company is the manufacturer itself (except standard products), it has a possibility to supply products which meet the needs of a customer, for example, products which are waterproof, fire protected, explosion protected, resistant to corrosion when installed close to the sea, etc.

Why LED?
LED lighting is actually the present and future in the sphere of lighting. In the majority of Western countries they realized that other technologies are outdated and they started a process of transfer to LED lighting.
Actually in order to define a building or business as "green" standard lighting should be fully changed to LED lighting.
Main advantages of LED lighting:
- Savings in the consumption of electricity and energy – saving up to 90 % in comparison to standard incandescent bulbs.
- Substantially higher product duration in comparison to other technologies – up to 100 thousand hours of work (12 years).
- Substantially lower heat emission in comparison to other lighting technologies.
- Brightness of a light beam – bright and clear light spectrum of LED.
- Clear light without ultraviolet radiation.
- Ability to work at extreme temperatures from -50oC to +80o C.
- Ecologically clean lighting without mercury and other dangerous metals.
- Positive influence on person's health – steady light without flickering.
- The designing possibilities with LEDs are much higher than with other lighting technologies.