Import and Distribution

UPS Systems

CD-Log imports and distributes exclusively two brands in the field of UPS systems.
IPPON was established in 2000 and is one of the leading manufacturers of UPS products. The product line of the manufacturer broadens all the time and addresses new fields.
FSP is the second largest manufacturer worldwide of power supplies for computers, servers, laptops and others. Several years ago the company entered the UPS systems business. FSP provide the products with its usual excellent quality.
PowerCom - High End UPS Brand
The products are divided to 4 series of UPS systems:
- Back Office – the best series for home and office computers.
- Back Power Pro – the series that is managed by friendly software which performs controlled shutdown of the computer when the battery is over.
- Smart Power Pro – the series with higher power and adjusted cooling supporting longer power loss backup.
- Online series – A professional series intended for servers and high workload systems. Online UPS offers direct power distribution directly from the UPS even when the power is on. Software management and SNMP option will keep you updated on UPS status through various alerts.
The variety of UPS systems is proposed within ranges from 600 VA to 30 KVA with a possibility of three-phase connection and installation in racks.
This variety actually meets all market needs that exist today.