Import and Distribution

Computer Peripherials

The company imports and distributes a variety of peripherals.
We thoroughly choose the highest quality products within a fair price range to offer the best product range.
Logitech/Microsoft – the company imports the products of these brands in all forms and models: keyboards, computer mice, loudspeakers, game accessories, cameras, etc.
Oklick – our home brand for mice and keyboards.
Microlab – the fastest growing speaker brand worldwide known for its high quality and fair price. Audio engineer Peter Larson from Sweden famous in quality speakers development came to the company from Harman Kardon. Microlab offer more than 50 different models of all price levels, all in stock.
Agestar- variety of products for data storage systems, external cases for hard disks, docking stations for hard disks and various adapters for disks.
Flash products - A wide range of flash products, disk-on-key and different flash cards from brands like Panasonic, Toshiba, Cosrair, Sandisk, Kingston and others.

Add on cards and cables – to offer the full solution our company includes add-on cards for Lan and Data, special adaptors and cables to enable a one stop solution for every customer.