About us

CD-Log is a privately owned Company established in January 2000. Since its establishment CD-Log has succeeded in reaching the status of a leading computer components distributor and the biggest system integrator in Israel. Our reputation of a reliable partner allows the company to build long-term business with leading manufacturers. The company is holding more than 70 direct distribution contracts with leading manufacturers and brands.

Our Philosophy

To provide a one stop solution for Components distribution and System integration for all market segments.

What can we offer?

• The biggest Variety in the market with over 4,000 computer oriented hardware components, software and led lighting solutions from a 2500M² warehouse.
• Our product line expands each year to enable customers more options.
• Selected products picked under highest QA ensuring a leading quality and technical reputation already attained.
• Steady stock level and advanced supply chain.
• We buy from manufacturers, import, distribute, assemble and deliver. A full solution from first hand.
• Same day shipment by UPS, next day delivery, country wide.
• Skilled team of 10 sales specialists providing accurate pre-sale consulting and professional service.
• Dedicated specialists to serve each market segment including dealers, sub-distributors, integrators and on-line stores.
A business department serves industrial, OEM, institutional and business customers by IT professionals.
• Engineering and projects consulting, installation, implementation and technical support.
• Tailor made solutions per project that involve financing, product longevity, warranty period and handling.
• System integration services according to demand and up to the highest complexity levels.
• A reliable and advanced assembly facility with a daily capacity of 200-400 system per day based on complexity.
• Our line includes Servers, workstations, Industrial computing communication, video surveillance, Led lighting and much more.
• Financial support by credit line, Comfortable payment terms, leasing projects, energy-saving projects with zero investment and various payment methods.
• Outsourcing services enabling customers to reduce cost of work force, rented space and enhance profit by paying only for consumed services while focusing on sales.
• Exemplary after-sale service from a staff of 9 technicians and engineers in a sophisticated service center.
• Recently the company entered the new field of LED technology lighting equipment projects and distribution, enabling customers to expand their product portfolio.
• Our advantages enable customers to get an edge on the competition in the market.
• All the activities of the company are performed in accordance with the quality standard ISO 9001:2

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